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Cat’s claw has an extensive history among the South American nations, where traditional healers value it for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimutagenic properties. Cat's claw may be beneficial in boosting the immune system by signifigantly increasing the white blood cells. The antioxidant properties of the vine helps to clear the bloodstream of free radicals which are damaging to the cells and can cause mutation of cells, cell oxidation and cell death. Patients with weak immune systems can benefit from consuming Cat’s claw. More than 70-percent of the immune system resides in the gut. By supplementing with cat’s claw, you provide your gut biomes with the polyphenols and beneficial compounds found in the vine. It can helps with symptoms of influenza such as a fever, runny nose, and a dry cough. Consuming Cat's claw extract can help reduce the intensity of the symptoms involved with infections. Studies show that regular supplementation with a Cat’s claw extract can improve disease resistance and enhance recovery time from infection. It helps to fight infections more efficiently, and can even calm an over-active immune system. In one study, Cat's claw has be shown to reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness associated with osteoathritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It has been shown to be effective in fighting viral infections, herpes and even cancer. Cat’s claw is one of the most studied antiviral herbs. Research shows that the extract of the vine can assist the body with the repair of damaged DNA while enhancing mitogenic response and improving leukocyte recovery after chemotherapy or from skin DNA damage due to the sun's UV rays. Consuming a Cat’s claw can help reduce hypertension, returning your blood pressure to a healthy range. The crushed vine helps to increase circulation by widening and relaxing blood cells. Anecdotal evidence shows that anti-allergenic properties of the vine soothe the pressure and headache associated with sinus flares while reducing inflammation in the throat. Consuming Cat's claw can help, with Crohn's and other inflammatory stomach disorders through its anti-inflammatory properties by preventing the vessels in the gut from swelling and allowing food particles to pass into the blood stream. The apoptotic and antiproliferative properties of oxindole alkaloids found in the cat’s claw vine helps stop the progression of leukemia cells in the laboratory, Consuming Cat's claw before bed can have anti-anxiety effect and help calm the mind. Some other disorders that Cat's claw has been shown to help with but has not been clinically evaluated are helping improve circulation and reduce the asthmatic response, improve the efficiency of AIDS medications, gout and boost ingT-cell count. Comes in a 2 ounce botle in a glycerin base.

Cat's Claw Tincture, Uncaria tomentosa

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