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Ingredients: Homegrown guava leaves, organic rose hips, organic apple cider vinegar and local raw honey. Guava leaves contain natural quercetin, lycopene, iron, and vitamin C. They have  anti-oxidants, are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Traditionally the tea from the leaves were used for diarrhea and to lower cholesterol and to help with weight loss. The tea is also helpful in getting rid of mucous and improving the lungs and respiratory system. Guava leaves boost immunity, increases beneficial microbial growth in the intestines and soothes gut flora. They also contain B3 and B6 which improves circulation to the brain and relaxes the nerves. The apple cider vinegar helps to alkalanize, remove bacteria, aide digestion, and improve calcium absorption. Rose hips are high in vitamin C. This is an excellent tonic to be taken daily as a tea, by adding a TBSP to a cup of hot water or straight from the bottle enjoying the delicious honey, vinegary taste. Comes in 8 ounce bottles. 

Guava Leaf and Rosehips Elixir 8 ounces

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