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Inflammation, Herbs and Oils

Inflammation has been said to be the cause of a variety of ailments from pain, fatigue, poor circulation, digestive upset and even cancer. We tend to live a highly inflammatory life in these modern times. Stress is a major contributor to inflammation as is a sendentary lifestyle, poor food choices and lack of adequate sleep. It takes constant attention to these things in order to reduce inflammation and the inflammatory responses. The first thing that I like to point out is high sugar content. Sugar or the effects of sugar can be from refined white sugar, raw sugar, agave and maple syrup. Most agave is farmed and processed commercially so it acts simmilarly in the body to white sugar. Maple syrup might burn a little slower but it can still cause an insulin surge and inflammatory response if taken in large quantities. Removing sugar isn't easy but reducung the amount is important to help reduce inflammation. Certain herbs and oils are helpful in reducing inflammation. Tara's Saffron Turmeric Chai, found on my website, has an abundant amount of whole turmeric pieces along with circulatory and warming herbs. Drinking a cup or two of this tea daily will greatly help to reduce inflammation The trick is to get an adequant amount of turmeric. A capsule or two of the herb might help if taken several times daily but a strongly brewed cup of Saffron Turmeric Chai can also do the trick and it is also enjoyable, delicious and nourishing. Along with the tea, if inflammation is causing discomfort, my Desert Love Pain Relief Salve can be of added benefit. It is made with cannabis and the southwestern herbs brittlebush, ruda and desert lavender along with the esential oils of juniper and cypress. Try the combo today! Both products are available at Here's to your health!


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