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Laura Lago


Tara's Herbs was founded in 1996 by Laura Lago, a Family Herbalist. She received her certification from the Clayton College of Holistic Health and went on to study abroad in India, Sri Lanka and Peru.

Laura owned Tara's Herbs storefront in Yuma, Arizona for 16 years while teaching herbal medicine, aromatherapy and flower essences at Arizona Western College until moving to Tucson, Arizona in 2015. She continues to teach classes, workshops and offer consultations in the Tucson and Yuma areas.

Laura also travels around the world to attend lectures and vend at various conferences. Her specialty is creating formulas to suit the individual's needs. Her plans are to serve the Yuma and Tucson area, open a school and offer online classes in the near future. She also formulates products for stores in Yuma, Arizona and the St. Louis, Missouri area. 

Tara's Herbs


Tara's Herbs takes pride in the ability to formulate herbs and herbal remedies for the specific needs of the client. With over 450 bulk herbs and spices, many formulations will include a blend of Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. Tara's Herbs also uses other modalities such as aromatherapy and homeopathic individual programs along with whole herbal preparations.

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Tara's Herbs is interested in helping you on your journey to wellness. Shop our store for homemade salves and creams, or check out our services to see how our professionals can benefit your health! 

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