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The endocrine system is affected by environmental, emotional, physical, and psychological stress. The stress response causes a cascade of events that increase heart rate and respirations, decrease digestive juices and immune function, and creates hormone and chemical byproducts that the liver must filter from the blood. A chronic stress response can lead to degenerative diseases and extreme fatigue. The Adrenal Tonic blend helps to reduce and mitigate the stress response. Taking it as prevention or long term in chronic situations is advisable along with lifestyle and dietary changes and adequate sleep. Ingredients are: Ashwagandha, reishi, amla, tulsi, brahmi, schizandra, rhodiola, fresh milky oats, eleutherococcus, and turmeric in a 55% glycerin base.The price listed is for a 2 oz bottle. Also available in 4 and 8 oz bottles. 


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