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Dr, Bill Mitchell was a Naturopath and one of the co-founders of Bastyr Naturopathic School in Seattle, Washington. He gave us this recipe one year at an herb conference in Tempe, Arizona and explained how he formulated it and used it to address problems such as COPD, Chronic bronchitis,  emphesema, and other lung conditions that present an environment with little or no oxygen exchange at the alveolar level. The mechanism of this blend works by carrying oxygen through the blood to the outside of the lungs where it is absorbed into to lungs, eliminating the need for aveolar exchange of oxygen. It contains equal parts of licorice, grindelia, bloodroot, coltsfoot, goldenseal leaf and root, mullein, elderberries and flowers and one half part lomatium. Both Goldenseal and Bloodroot are on the “at risk” list designated by United Plant Savers and both have very specific applications, very little is needed and is best to be used only when needed. It is beneficial in this blend to address the inability for the lungs to exchange oxygen (bloodroot) and for liquefying mucous (goldenseal). Comes in 2 ounce bottles.



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