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Fresh California Poppy Tincture is back! California Poppy is an excellent remedy for anyone who is under chronic stress. Chronic stress can have some very damaging effects on the nervous system,  the endocrine system and one's ability to remain calm and deal with things coming their way. If there is situation that cannot be remedied and it presents as a constant sense of stress and disruption than California Poppy is the herb for you. When taken daily from between 1 to 5 times a day, the nervous system can develop the ability to cope with the situation and a sense of calm will ensue over time. This is a remedy that can also be taken as needed. If there is a stressful, situation that cannot be avoided or if the nervous system seems like it cannot "cope" than taking a dropperful or two of California Poppy might just do the trick. Fresh California Poopy should be tinctured at a higher percentage rate than the dried herb. My California Poppy is tinctured at 70% and this will ensure that the constituents are extracted in the most efficient way. Comes in 2-ounce bottles. E-mail me for discounts on 4 and 8 ounce bottles



Fresh California Poppy Tincture

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