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A delightfully, spicey and noirishing blend of spices and herbs that contain anti-oxidants and digestive aides. Saffron, cardamon and turmeric have been studied for their anti-cancer properties. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory. Ginger, cinnamon, star anise and, pepper help to improve circulation. This tea can be brewed with one part water and one part milk or nut milk to make a latte. Add honey to taste. Each 2 ounce bag makes 10 to 15 cups of tea and can be steeped overnight for a second cup. 


Ingredients: Saffron, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic cloves, organic cardamon, organic cinnamon, organic star anise, and organic peppercorns.


Comes in a 2 oz packet that makes 10-15 cups

Saffron-Turmeric Chai

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