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Self Taught Herbalism

As I ask the plant to tell me what to write about today it suddenly dawns upon me that I should write about them! Hahaha. Sounds silly doesn't it? Well, not so silly because as I let this writing organically unfold I am remembering the activities of the past few days and my interaction with the plants. I did an impromptu plant walk at the retreat center I am staying at in Pisac, Peru. The idea for this plant walk came from the plants themselves. It only took my admiring the colorful flowers and deep green leaves, when I arrived here two weeks ago, to realize that I was surrounded by healing plants. The visually stimulating gardens set off a cascade of emotions. I was so grateful to see yellow and orange calendulas, bright pink roses, deep crimson hibiscus, various yellow, pink and white chrysanthemum, dancing flowers of feverfew, orange-red clusters of geranium, deep purple hollyhock and the green of ruda, paiko, anise, dandelion and more. Such a list and how busy I was researching, writing and lecturing about, harvesting and preparing the plants and I am so grateful.

So, that's it in a nutshell. Not much more to say here except wherever you go and however you feel there will be some herb, some plant, some flower popping its head up or jumping at you in a showy display and if you are inclined, stop and take a moment to be with the plant and notice what are your thoughts? This simple, simple exercise can take you down the path of great discovery. If you are just drawn to one or many then use that attraction to see what you can learn and find out about the medicinal, traditional, or chemical aspects of the plant(s) you are drawn to because that, my friend, is the door to self taught herbalism. Have fun!! Blessings.

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