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Get Anxiety Out of Your Life

Sounds easy when you say it. Sounds amazing when you think about it. Sounds possible when you imagine it. One thing that fuels anxiety are negative thought processes and one thing that fuels negative thought processes is anxiety. It is a vicious cycle and for some, might seem impossible to interrupt but where there is hope there is possibility. Here's the thing, herbs are great, herbs can be relaxing, herbs strengthen the nervous and endocrine system and herbs can give us the vital nutrients that we need to maintain health and cope with a busy, stressful life but cope is the key word. Instead of just coping through some herbal or vitamin regime how about teaching your body and mind resilience so that the anxiety doesn't even manifest. Again, sounds simple? No, I think it sounds quite complicated because it is!

Let's put this in perspective. How important is it for you to learn how to reduce anxiety. It must be somewhat important because you are taking time to read this blog. Now, how important it is really? Our society allows, encourages and even rewards people of high anxiety so we don't have incentive to change because we are getting negative feedback for our behavior. What if you were to face roadblock after roadblock along the way and no one wants to tolerate your anxiety ridden behavior? What then? It seems that learning to get anxiety out of your life might be the solution. In that lies the answer. The path to reducing anxiety is complex and up to the individual. Everyone is wired differently. For some the nervous system is completely worn out and so a simple relaxing tea isn't enough. That person may need more of a constitutional approach with herbs, vitamins, nutrition, rest and relaxation.

In summary the following herbs are helpful in reducing anxiety: lavender, California poppy, valerian, wood betony, chamomile, kava, black cohosh, St, John's wort, lemon balm, skullcap, passion flower, oats, and damiana. These herbs can be used in combination with adaptogens to support the nervous system and reduce reaction to stress. They can be used as a symptomatic approach but may not get to the root cause of the problem. Consult an herbalist for a constitutional approach to reducing anxiety if this is truly a problem.

One extremely important technique that I find has no equal is meditation. There are scientific studies that meditation reduces stress and anxiety, improves blood flow and brain function. There is no limit to the positive effect that slowing down, letting go and learning a whole new way of reacting has on stress and anxiety. This is where encouraging a whole new behavior may come into play. Time is relative and essentially man-made. Take the time to get rid of anxiety in your life. Take the time to recognize the obstacles, the path to healing and the gift of time for yourself.

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Til next thyme


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