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Cooling Summer Mint

It is the time of the year when mint starts to emerge. With it comes a glorious smell as the gentle summer rains awakens it's uplifting aroma. The volatile oils burst into action with each crushed leaf and the purple flowers delight in the sunshine. Mint sends out roots during the dormant winter months and it is always a mystery as to where the new seedling will break through the moist spring soil. Harvesting and drying the dark, green leaves is so much fun and thoughts of wondrous salves, creams, teas and tinctures come to mind.

One of my favorite preparations is Peppermint Foot Salve. It is so easy to make and takes only a few ingredients. As soon as the mint dries and when it is still rich with essential oils I infuse it into a mixture of olive, sesame and sunflower oils then add some essential oil of peppermint, vitamin E and beeswax. This simple preparation delivers a powerful punch. After a long day, maybe being on your feet at work or just coming home from a long run, when the bottom of the feet are pulsing after all that you've asked them to withstand that day, try applying a bit of Peppermint Foot Salve. Do your feet a favor. Relax, massage it in and feel the pain drift away as your feet come alive again and ready to go dancing.

Peppermint has the ability to relax and awake the muscles at the same time. It is excellent for neuropathy, poor circulation, tight muscles, pain from over-exertion or just for pampering the part of the body that really takes a beating.

The tea of peppermint is delightful, too. it is soothing to an upset stomach, helpful to break a fever, relaxing and delicious. Add peppermint to other teas to improve the flavor.The essential oil of peppermint can be added to a carrier oil and used in the same fashion as the salve. Breathing in the aroma of peppermint will awaken the senses and help get rid of headache.

For the month of July and August, peppermint season, enjoy 20% off my 2 ounce jar of Peppermint Foot Salve made from freshly, harvested, organic peppermint from my garden. Visit my website to place an order. Here's to Happy Feet!

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