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Why Use Herbal Honey

Healing foods can come in so many forms. Oftentimes, something that is labeled as "healthy" isn't always tasty. Bitter greens are great for the liver and are packed with vitamins and minerals but the taste is sometimes hard to swallow. Getting herbal medicine in pills and tinctures is a very efficient way of supporting our bodies. Food, in a whole, organic, and natural form is also a very important way to supply the body with the building blocks it needs to remain healthy. So, why eat herbal honey?

One reason that jumps out at me is the taste. It is so delicious. It is versatile and can be used to sweeten teas, deserts or just as a teaspoon in hot water when using it to treat a specific illness. Herbal honey can be made at home with simple ingredients of choice. Herbal honey has an almost indefinite shelf life which makes it possible to store some to be used at a later date. Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties, is soothing to the throat, gives energy, and when mixed with certain herbs, can increase the properites of those herebs.

Herbs like thyme, oregano, garlic, and onion can be infused for immune support. Lavender, lemon balm, and chamomile are great foe making a relaxing herbal honey. Mint, fennel, and peppermint can aide an upset stomach. A little hot water and a serving of these honeys can make an instant herbal, medicinal drink.

One of my favorites is Osha and Licorice infused herbal honey. It contains so many useful properties to ward off colds, coughs, chest congestion, sore throats, and poor immune function. Fresh Osha root is seasonal so it is not always available on my website. Fresh licorice root is a rare form that I was lucky to get from a specialty store. Osha is strong medicine with a strong taste. It is very earthy and has a bit of an anesthetic effect, which can be useful for sore throats. Licorice is sweet, so the combination of Osha and licorice leads to a balanced flavor. The anti-bacterial and immune enhancing effects of the Osha are complemented by the anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties of the licorice. Together they make an excellent addition to your herbal medicine chest. Limited quantities are now available.

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