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Weight Loss and Stress

Do you stress eat? Are you addicted to carbohydrates and sweets? Is there a sense of fulllness but you still tend to eat? Are you tired all the time and reach for sugary snacks and caffeine to give you energy? These are common situations shared by many. The underlying cause is possibly stress. To understand the stress reaction and how the endocrine system is affected is the key to understanding the path to weight loss, more energy and vibrant health. It isn't an easy fix so it is best to try small changes over time. This can lead to lasting metabolic changes in the body's abulity to maintain an active metabolism, the ability to burn calories and an increase of oxygen exchange within the cells.

Small steps are: get adequate rest, eat small high protein, high fiber snacks, get at least 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 to 5 times a week, drink pleanty of water and remove processed food from the diet. These changes should not be tackled all at once. Choosing one life hack and sticking with it for a couple of weeks makes it easier to move on to the next and the next. Trying to change too fast and loose weight too rapidly can cause a rebound and destroy the body's metabolism.

Reducing stress is not always possible. Having a stressful job, a stressful personal situation and sometmes just being in a stressful traffic jam over and over and over again can cause tremendous damage to the endocrine system. The correlation between stress and weight is not given enough attention. A simple approach is to try meditation, remove the stress if possible and take herbs like ashwagandha to mitigate the stress response resulting in less production of harmful chemicals.

To learn more about how to reduce stress attend my lecture on Saturday, March 19th from 2 until 5 pm at The Sunshine Cafe 10110 N Frontage Road. Email me for details. If you woud like a personalized weight reduction plan contact me to set up a consultation. Here's to healthy eating, Laura Lago, Herbalist

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