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Herbs on the Move

How is it that we improve mobility? Well, staying active is the best approach but at times mobility is compromised either by fatigue, injury, illness or age. It is not always possible to be the energetic, agile and mobile person that we hope to be yet so much can be done, practices applied or treatments rendered when our movement is hampered. The one I'd like to talk about here is my Arnica, St, John's Wort Salve. I have created a blend that can be used on musculo-skeletal injures, nerve pain, bruising, arthritis, stiffness, over-exertion and more. It is a broad spectrum blend that contains Arnica for bruising, Valerian to relax tight muscles, St, John's Wort to address nerve pain, Boswelia to interrupt the absorption of the chemicals that exacerbates arthritic pain, cloves, cayenne, ginger, cinnamon and kava to assist in circulation and dull the pain through a numbing action and the essential oils of lavender, juniper, birch, marjoram, camphor which all contain pain relieving properties, menthol crystals to help deliver the salve deeper into the body in a base of olive, sunflower and grape-seed oil with sesame oil to add natural calcium to help with bone pain. When the pain is over bearing or the esercise routine takes you over-the-top, when arthritis keep you up at night or when you've just fallen down and developed a painful bruise, when sciatica is unrelenting try it. There is so much we can do for pain and the less we rely on pharmaceuticals for pain relief the stronger our body will remain and the healing potential stays strong and not weakened by dependency on medication.

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