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Always Remember the Plants

It's lunchtime at a busy Dallas Airport as I await my flight to Guatemala and, in all the hustle and bustle, I'm going to "Remember the Plants". On the plane I was able to find two interesting articles in the in-flight magazine. One was about Casey Afleck, the other, about nature immersion therapy. Now they are beginning to offer long, slow walks or gentle hikes in acreage lined with tress and no people. Quite the opposite of where I am now. Therapists and medical doctors are actually prescribing this for their patients. Complicated pharmaceutical intervention is hardly needed if one can slow down and disconnect enough to allow and bring back peace and homeostasis. Our bodies thrive in balance and now the medical professionals are beginning to recognize this medicine.

This morning, I read an article about making plates from leaves. The demand for these fully biodegradable dishes is so high that the company cannot keep up with the ever increasing demand. And lastly, shoes made from pineapple leaves. Wow, just wow.

We really are an innovative species but how innovative is the plant kingdom and does it exist just to provide us with everything we need to live on this great earth? Hardly, but a good portion of it's "mission" here on earth has been to be a source of food, clothing, medicine and now so much more as we discover the beauty of plants and the incredible

balance they can enable as we navigate our planet.

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