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Holiday Happiness

Greetings All I hope this holiday season finds you well. I hope after the new year we all get back on the horse and pay attention to what we are eating and how we are living but for now, enjoy. Some of my tips for post holiday indulgence are not steeped in scientific facts but more the opposite. Relaxation encourages digestive juices to increase and food is more enjoyable when not stressed. So, relax! Remember, if you can't avoid the sugar, bad fats and processed foods then just offset the effects by drinking lots of water and having a huge salad now and then but, when the holidays are over it is up to you if you want to continue to stress your body through bad nutrition.

De-tox after the new year is a personal choice but most folks I talk to are planning it. The type of de-tox one chooses to follow is also a very personal choice. Some people cannot be without food for long periods of time. If that is the case then just load up on lots and lots and lots of foods that encourage elimination. Celery, cucumber water, green tea, lots of fresh fruits, lots of water, fiber, brown rice, homemade soups, and steamed veggies. Eating six small meals a day is an excellent way to keep the blood sugar up thus avoiding fatigue and to stave off reaching for a quick sugar fix. Another way to reset the imbalance from all the holiday cheer is to drink lemon juice squeezed in a small glass of warm water before eating or drinking upon awakening. This simple practice helps to flush the liver out and encourage proper digestive flora and balanced elimination.

Avoiding things is a good trick and deciding a week before starting is a way to get the mind ready for discipline. Of course, there is always

the total fast on water, or juice but some are not wired for this type of practice. Whatever suits your needs please be kind to yourself and enjoy this time of the year to its fullest. Salud!

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