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New Year's Eve,What?!?!?!

Is it here already? No. I just got finished remembering all the things that I said I was going to do in 2017! Can I start anew? Of course you can and that's the beauty of trying, always keep trying. Here's the thing, a little piece of advice, there is no time. Truly. We make it up, plan deadlines around it and then wait for us to finish the list and berate us when we don't. So, this is an herbal blog. What does time, New Year's Eve and deadlines have to do with it? Everything! Let me explain.

The importance of good practices, regularly, over a period of a lifetime is so much more important than a once in a while quick fix. We are marketed quick fixes. Quick weight loss, quick instant energy, quick cold fix, quick insomnia fix, quick anxiety fix, quick pain fix. All of these things and more should be looked at as chronic situations that can be assisted, healed and better yet, avoided by the simple concept of right living. It is like a mantra I chant when my clients come in to see me. Don't skip breakfast, eat 3 meals and high quality in between meal snacks, exercise and get adequate sleep. There are many herbs, dietary supplements and other lifestyle changes that can efffect the state of our health and of course, we can use a therapeutic approach when sick but, as the New Year approaches, think routine, regular and reasonable. Along with rest and relaxation.

I've been missing my blogs so quickly typed out this one. Look for more after the new Year.


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